Redress Fashion
Redress Fashion won the 2020 Moving Pictures Staff Choice Award with the RSA, London (The Royal Society of Arts) Student Design Awards. The project was created alongside my peer and friend, Emerald Gibson. It aims to tackle fast fashion and its impact on the planet in a light–hearted, engaging way. The video speaks directly to fashion designers, asking them to come up with more sustainable, ethical approaches to their designs. However, its message is also relatable and applicable to all fashion consumers—by raising awareness to the damage fast fashion causes our planet and its people. We decided to create a stop motion animation using recycled fabric—which we happened to have a collection of from hoarding over the years. We felt that using the material that's causing the issue would be an engaging way to tell the story.
Motion Design

*Commended under the Testiles
cateory at the 2021 Irish Design
Institute (IDI) Graduate Awards.

*Winner of the Moving Picture's
Staff Choice Award for the 2020
Royal Society of Arts (RSA)
Student Design Awards
Collaboration with Emerald Gibson
Our Recycled Fabric Box
Video Stills
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Behind The Scenes

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